Roon API update

Hello guys,

Discovered Roon last month, and there is so much to love. So, as developer, I planned to tinker a bit.

One of my first project was to build some scripts to ensure that my favorite artists, albums and songs were correctly synced between Roon, Tidal and Spotify. I’m often using Tidal at work, and the sync between Roon and Tidal is less than perfect. I also don’t want to manually fav in Roon.

I took a look at the official APIs. From a developer standpoint, they are quite outdated, not readable, and barely usable.

@Steven_Ickman nice library helps a lot, but I was wondering if Roon was planning an update to its API.

A LOT of things seem missing, and from my point of view it would be only fair to allow users to edit their Roon playlist, favorites, metadata, etc. using automated tools.

I know that maintaining an API is not an easy nor cheap task, been there, done that. However considering the fairly high price point I was really expecting something more … robust, especially on the data management side. Some issues were opened more than 2 years ago (and the repo is not buried under the nb of opened issues).

So :

  • Is there any active plan, after the 2.0 release, to provide a better, more modern and more complete API to your users ? Maybe in the form of a REST API, requiring a secret token from your Core - maybe with permissions thrown in the mix (that’s how I would do it, I don’t really see why a stricter protection is needed here)
  • If not, how could we help as developers? Would you be so kind as to embark a selected - small - crew of devs to develop the external and internal APIs?
  • In the last resort, and I’m shooting in the dark here, but is there any way I could access the raw data from my Roon core, or is that protected too (like the backups seem to be)? At one point, seems like we - as users - should be able to freely access some of that data. I really don’t think it benefits anyone, Roon included, to hide so much.

Kind regards