Roon App Asustor AS5402T

so far I’m working with a NUC and Rock. Now I want to switch to NAS. I use a new NAS from Asustor - AS5402T with the latest ADM 4.2.4.RL82. The furnishings seem to have been completed, perhaps with subtleties. Now I first installed ffmepg as an app and then the Roon app on the NAS. Everything OK. Now the problem, the Roon app doesn’t open for configuration. What to do?

My advice is switch back. Moving to an unsupported configuration isnt a smart move. Hence why you are here now. Ive just done the opposite though was on a Synology and now I dont need to worry about DSM breaking things.

I think her advice is blanket and unhelpful. I had a nuc7 i3 from the list for ROCK. This is 7 years old and the processor and other hardware are much worse than that of the NAS. AS5402T. Of course, you should choose exactly what kind of processor is working in the NAS and whether SSD is possible as database storage. Synology doesn’t always offer the best bang for the buck.
Christopher Rieke answered me briefly by email that there was probably a problem with the web server and php8. There should probably be an update. With a lot of effort and trial and error, I now have Roon running on the NAS. One trick was to uninstall Apache web server and php7.3. When you install the Roon app, this will probably be checked and reinstalled if necessary.

Keep in mind that Roon is basically a single core application, so, highest single core speeds are best for Roon. There are some things which do use multi core in RoonServer, but, for the most part, it is single core.

OK. I had a NUC NUC7i3BNK (year 2017) from the Roon list running here for 4 years. The NAS is a WD PR2100, built in 2016) with hard drives from 2015. Roon would not have been possible on this NAS.
Now I wanted to buy a current NAS. And why not one that Roon can do? 1 device instead of 2.
My NUC sometimes got surprisingly warm.
And please compare processors:
Intel Core i3-7100U vs Intel Celeron N5105
The new NAS has 16GB RAM and the library is on an SSD. But that’s good.
If things don’t go well for a long time, you can always buy a current NUC. Oh! Stop! Intel doesn’t make any new NUCs. So what is the future for ROCK? Not necessarily 100% so far!

And I’m a little frustrated when the only advice/help I get here in the forum under the NAS section is: “Don’t do it.”
And I won’t buy a Nucleus. The system is for people with more money. And in my opinion a bit too expensive for the hardware installed. But that’s typical for hi-fi freaks.