Roon App Crashing on iPhone OS14.3

Roon iPhone App v1.7.00610 repeatedly crashing on iPhone X OS 14.3

Had this issue with the iPhone 7, I figured the crashes were most likely related to RAM filling up with the buffered music stream. Got the iPhone 12 which has twice the RAM (8Gb) and haven’t experienced crashes ever since.

I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max (6gb RAM) on iOS 14.3 and latest version Roon app and its unusable . There’s barely enough time to find and add a track selection before app crashes . A quick reopen and add
required but it is really annoying having to use laptop to populate a playlist . No error message , just crash , bang and bye bye !


This behaviour is present since 1 or 2 years unfortunately… I’ve experienced it on an iPhone X, iPhone Xs Max and now on my iPhone 12 pro max. Only “solution” is to reboot the phone, then app works fine again… for some times (idk, maybe 20, 30 opening) then crashes re-appears and yes it is a pain and yes it prevent you to use the app corectly and find new tracks to play.

At least iPhone reboot time are getting faster :joy:

How’d this get past Apple App Police ??? :smile: It worked fie on my iPhone X , (my other half who took over that phone is very fond of reminding me that it still does :pleading_face:)


Back when I was on iPhone 7 the only solution was to restart the phone in order to wipe the RAM clean. Else, I would recommend reinstalling the app altogether (in case some logs may be corrupted). Apologies for the kindergarten IT options on offer here :sweat_smile:, unfortunately not many options one can delve into on Apple’s toys

Roon is just not made for such advanced operating systems and devices as produced by Apple.

Roon on iPhone is useless.

Works fine on iPad air 4 but not on my iPhone 7. Roon vV1.7.00610, both devices running iOS 14.4.