Roon app not available in Mac App Store?

I was having trouble with my Mac Roon app so I thought I would remove the app and reinstall it. But then I can’t find it in the App Store. The “Download on the App Store” button is also not clickable in Roon Software Downloads - PC, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS | Get it Now page. Went with the .dmg installer instead. Now I’m wondering if Roon didn’t pass the App Store check or if Roon removed it from the store because of the negative reviews.

There are many good apps that have not been made available on the mac app store for a variety of reasons. Apple’s T&C aren’t for everyone. I wouldn’t think much of it tbh.

The app store button is clickable from an iphone only I believe as it is just the client.

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The Roon client for the Mac is downloadable directly from Roon (I just confirmed again from my Mac), and the iOS Remote app is available from the Apple iOS app store from these devices.

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