Roon app on a M1 silicone MacBook

Hi forgive me if I’ve missed this question before.

I currently have the Roon app on my iPhone and use an older iMac as my core. But I regularly use my MacBook Air for daily work and wondered why I am unable to install the Roon app on my MacBook as I’d like to also control my Roon from there and not change core.

As it now runs a silicon chip it can also run iOS apps I can use my Naim app on both the iPhone and Mac. I wondered why? Is it a technical issue or a Roon decision not to make the app run on a Mac.

Roon does / should work just fine on Apple M1. What error do you encounter?

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As a data point, Roon runs perfectly on my M1 Mac, and I’ve seen many other forum posters also using Roon without problems on both intel and Apple silicon (M1) macs.

Your issue is definitely worth troubleshooting as it should be easy to resolve.

Hi it’s the Roon Remote app from the apple apps store that appears to only be for iPhone or iPad not the app from Roon which is fine but to use it on my MacBook I would need to change the core. I think !

Since you aren’t running core in an iOS device anyway, switching cores shouldn’t be a factor here.

I’d recommend downloading roon for MacOS roon downloads .

Best of luck

The Full Roon application for the Mac (or PC) can run as Core or as a Roon Controller.
For your use case, just point the Roon at your existing Roon Core and you’re good.

Hi that’s great, thanks for your help after over a year using Roon there’s still bits I’m learning
Regards N

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