Roon app on iOS 15.5 is constantly crashing

Constantly crashing even after app reinstall and latest roon software on server


Have you also tried rebooting your device? I ask, because I installed Roon on my iPhone yesterday and it was repeatedly crashing. After a reboot it’s been stable.

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I have the same experience: a reboot temporarily fixes thing. After a while, the issue will come back.

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@Alan_Buckley , which model iOS device? I have an iPhone 12 (not Pro), and I have no issues with the latest release.

Build 970 is crashing frequently on my iPhone 13 Pro on 15.5.

This is so very old. There is a recurring pattern of the app crashing for the first days after a new installation after which it seems to stabilize until the next app update. I’ve posited in the past that there is some long-running operation on either the client or core that causes this.

Respectfully, through telemetry, logging, error handling, crash dumps, whatever, you folks should be able to track this down if it’s a priority for you to do so. Please try.


Regular crashes - becomes unresponsive - on iPad Pro and ios15.5 here too. Been happening for quite some time.

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iOS 15.5 plus iPad mini4 equals Roon bliss.

So it’s not affecting every combination of iOS 15.5 devices.
Hopefully this can be resolved, sorry you are having these problems right now.

Indeed. I haven’t encountered the issue on my iPad Mini 6 (running ipadOS). Only iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 15.5.

Sharing that after installing builds 977 and 978, I did not experience the iOS crashes that I’ve historically experienced after installing new builds. I did not see anything in release notes that indicated a fix for the issue but, just in case Roon snuck something in, I wanted to report this.

Perfectly fine for me on 15.5 been using it since Wednesday as I just moved this week back to iOS after 9 years of Android. Roon is so much more reliable on iOS than Android. Not crashed or disconnected once when in background.

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iPhone 13 here with the most recent iOS. Last night was super frustrating.

OKay, I hate to do it, but I’m going negative for a moment.

Last night, I had a good friend over for grilling and cigars who, if he could at all afford it and was at a different time in his life, would be an audiophile and a half.

We sit down on my couch in my listening room, I’ve got the Roon Server going, my 55" TV is showing the last album art that played on the screen, my Onkyo is awaiting my commands, my Klipsch RP-600M and RP-120SW are all awaiting what I send it. But, the iOS app literally would do nothing but crash over and over and over.

Over and over and over.

I finally went Tidal with it. It’s crashed before, several times in the past couple of weeks, but nothing like that.

I’m going to reboot the Roon Server and the iPhone this morning and see what happens.
Over and over and over.

Just when you want to show it off, you can’t even get the cover off of it and get it out of the garage, so to speak.


Rebooting the phone seems to have resolved it…for now.

Just to help out others in the future, from time to time I’ll try to edit this comment with some probable solutions:

Other tips on the Facebook Group include:

  1. Rebooting the iPhone.
  2. Toggling the Airplane mode to reset the antennas.
  3. Having too many open iOS apps on your phone could be an issue. Close as many as possible. Here’s a tutorial and some explanations on the limitations of closing multiple apps at once:
  4. Updating to 15.6 seems to have dried most of the problems up for me.

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iPhone 13 pro max here and iPad mini. Both crashing a lot. But even more so on the iPhone. Unusable. Frustrating because this is mainly for Roon that I shifted to Apple devices. I had no time to investigate. Will test tips. My Roon server is running in virtual mode so not supported by Roon. May be coming from here on my side. It doesn’t look that many people have this issue though as it is not shouting out loud on the community ?

I did not that this issue months ago but cannot determine root cause for now.

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I can confirm tips above doesn’t work for me. iPad mini works fine. iPhone crashes at start up. I have just installed iOS 15.6.


I know it’s got to be highly frustrating. Are you on iOS15.6?

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Yes just installed this week 15.6.

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I believe on my side there was a mismatched of software update between the IOS versions and the core version. I stopped twice the core and then finally my Roon interface in Windows stated “your update need to update the data base” or something close.

IOS on the iphone is functional again.

To be noted that I was also disconnected from Qobuz briefly stating “network issues”. After the update this was resolved, and I can have access again to Qobuz.

So basically, what happened for me was that when I clicked last on “update all softwares” upon Roon asking, one was not updated properly, and it was probably in my case the Roon Core which is in a Virtual Machine.

Normally I don’t have any issues but this time it took two switch off and on to make it happen.


Does not work…problem should not be ours to try to fix.

While I understand your frustrations in your perceived issues, railing against Roon here is really not going to aid your cause, rather the opposite.
Please consider your posts a little more carefully in the future.
Thank you.