Roon app on iOS 15.5 is constantly crashing

I believe on my side there was a mismatched of software update between the IOS versions and the core version. I stopped twice the core and then finally my Roon interface in Windows stated “your update need to update the data base” or something close.

IOS on the iphone is functional again.

To be noted that I was also disconnected from Qobuz briefly stating “network issues”. After the update this was resolved, and I can have access again to Qobuz.

So basically, what happened for me was that when I clicked last on “update all softwares” upon Roon asking, one was not updated properly, and it was probably in my case the Roon Core which is in a Virtual Machine.

Normally I don’t have any issues but this time it took two switch off and on to make it happen.


Does not work…problem should not be ours to try to fix.

While I understand your frustrations in your perceived issues, railing against Roon here is really not going to aid your cause, rather the opposite.
Please consider your posts a little more carefully in the future.
Thank you.

In fact this was your last post in your previous support thread.

“Did as you requested and going on 30 minutes now without a crash. I too will keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for your prompt feedback/suggestion. Cheers”

This would indicate that your issue was resolved.
If that’s not the case then I can reopen your support topic and you can post there with further pertinent information.
Thank you

I know several of us who just stop bothering to try and find a solution for this issue cause no one at Roon is correcting the problem. Yes, frustration is very high when I can’t even use the app without issues and it is so random that it just doesn’t make sense. I’m not an ■■■■■■■, but railing against Roon may be the only way to get an appropriate response.

Yes, the issue is ongoing as indicated herein on just about every audiophile forum on the internet.

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Your original support thread has been reopened.
Please post there with current information.
Thank you

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I can concur that I have spot issues of crash again on my iphone 13 Pro Max or display issues on my ipad that usually are cleaned up by restarting the Roon Core.

I have no time at the moment to note everything, screenshot, follow a step by step root cause analysis.

I just have time to listen to music and not enough to my taste.

Roon is high maintenance when you look at what is necessary to do to keep it working properly over a year.

Only when I am hitting a big issue then I take the time and report to support thread otherwise I am using Plex for a while whilst trying 5mn here and there to solve the issue

I’m using an iPhone 11 with 15.6 and am once again experiencing constant crashing. I didn’t see a 15.6 topic thread, but is anyone else seeing this?

— Update: Rebooting solved the problem. I’ve tried before with no joy but this time it worked. Hopefully it sticks. Shouldn’t be necessary.

I’m having the same problem with my Ipad mini 4. Music stops, play and next track buttons grey out, if I tap the previous track button it starts scrolling through the tracks in rapid succession (no audio) and then the screen goes blank and it says “nothing playing”. It takes multiple times of closing the app and opening it to get it to come back…then it happens again. In a 2 hour listening session this will happen 4 or 5 times. Highly frustrating! Previous version of the app was fine, guess I shouldn’t have updated it. Doing a web search, this looks to be a pretty prolific problem. Hope Roon gets on this, we’re all paying good money for their software, it should work. Really bumming me out because I just bought a pair of Dutch & Dutch 8C’s and this is making it hard to enjoy them.

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Ditto here.

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Constant crashing on iPhone 12 Pro. Unacceptable, especially given the cost of Roon.

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exactly why i don’t buy the program , i try and pay like 3 times one was a year subscription and ask for refund, i think is because roon ios app is nothing more than a crap html app or whatever you called, you would think after paying 1000 can dollar you will get a real native ios app but not, plexamp is 100$ for life time and the app is miles away better than roon, when they offer a native ios app i will check out again

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I’ve posted previously about issues with Roon crashing on iOS. My last post on the topic, in this thread, was in June.

I thought I would share that I haven’t had any crashes for at least a few months including in Roon 2.0 and ARC.

I can’t say whether I’m just getting lucky or the underlying issue(s) are fixed - but either way, everything has been stable and a pleasure to use.

Constant shut downs here as well. iPhone 13, latest Roon.

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December 26 now!!! Where is the fix? App still locks up randomly. Roon had me do a file download from my system to show details at time of lock up… like they were really gonna get on this…that was back in Oct and I never heard a word back after uploading the files they requested.

There were questions to you in your support thread that you didn’t answer in the thread, although you seem to have uploaded the requested file. Not sure if you told them privately that you had uploaded the file.

Your should probably reply there

Umm also 15.5? All my devices are on 16.2 now. Are you still on 15.5?

Now on version 16.3.1 and it starts crashing……is there any solution provided?

It seems in this thread that this is a repeating problem and quite essential in order to listen to music.

Any help is most welcome…!

Hi @Jeroen_Van_der_Meer1,

This topic is over 2 months, so I’m going to close it.

To get help from Roon, for the specific issue you are having with the Roon App running 16.3.1 can you create a new topic please in the #support or #support:nucleus-support section of the forum and complete all the requested details.

As a troubleshooting measure, I would recommend deleting the Roon App, rebooting the device and then reinstalling it from the Apple Store.