Roon App on iPad do not succeed finding in finding NAD T758v3 [Answered: No Roon Core]

Hi, I am new here. I want to setup on iPad Roon with NAD T758v3.

Unfortunately Roon searches permanent without success. It do not find it even when I start the BluOs App on my iPad.

Does someone know how to solve, there is no email support by Roon?

Roon core has to run on some type of computer, PC, MAC, Laptop, NUC or Nucleus etc…

What are you running the core on? Only the Roon remote will run on the IPAD, not the core.

Ah, but I understood my NAD Receiver (Roon Ready) is the core together with BluOs ? What I should do?

Here is a link to information on requirements and recommendations.

Thank you so much, Mike! I will read it at first and I hope there is a solution. Best regards!

If you have a PC, MAC or laptop with the minimum system requirements you can install Roon on that. The core machine should be connected to your router with Ethernet for the best results. Hope you find what you need.