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I was able to connect both of my iPhones to Roon Arc and it is working at home and over cellular data.

However, I am not able to access my Roon Core over WiFi at work. I am sure it is because of a port that is blocked or our content filter.

I work in our IT department so I may be able to get them to open up a port or unblock the service. I know outbound traffic from the core uses port 5000, is inbound traffic to the mobile device over the same port or is it using 80 or 443?

Also was is the URL used so that I can make sure it is not being blocked by our content filter?


Nope, port is wrong and it’s an inbound connection from the client to the core hence the requirement for port forwarding at your core location. The outbound destination port is the ephemeral one assigned during the TCP handshake (see below)

Nope, that will use the random high port (ephemeral) assigned during the tcp handshake as per normal.

It is tcp/50000 (or whatever you assign on the core) if you are using content filtering you may have to create a new category or whitelist for it as it’s unlikely to come under the pre-defined ones.


Would it not work on your guest Wi-Fi?

IT covers more than networking. Coding, QA, PM, ops, security etc etc.

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Thanks for the response. This all makes sense now.

Yes, I really do work in an IT department. My bad for not reading all of the documentation and getting the port range wrong. I manage an environment of 12000 devices so I have a few things on my plate.

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, our guest network is more heavily filtered/restricted than our employee network. Ports in that range are definitely blocked.

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