Roon ARC and Dream Machine Pro Unifi settings

Has anyone got Roon Arc to work with a Unfi Dream machine pro? if so what settings did you need to change?

Simple, just do port forwarding to the port used in arc.

Didn’t work🥲

Yes with udm not pro.
Simple port forwarding config and upnp enable on the udm wan interface.
Plus i had to config port forward on my bt/plusnet hub which sits between UDM and outside world.

Can you give us more info? ARC works fine with the Unifi devices so it may very well be some other issue or config issue. Need more info.

FWIW, I have it running fine on a UDM pro. Opened a port, forwarded it to the port that ARC is listening on. Works fine. Do get some port scanning, naturally, but IPS picks it up just fine.

I also have it working with Arc on a UDM Pro.