Roon ARC and filtering (Focus?) options to download/offline

Can anybody help out?

I’m having a play with Roon ARC after downloading onto my iPhone (and updating to Roon 2.0 on my MacBook Air). Really enjoying it—thanks!

I’m wondering, within the Roon ARC app, is there an easy way that I can filter or search for albums/tracks in my Roon library that can be downloaded/off-lined? I have a LOT of my own music files (I’m guessing I’m not alone on this) and I can’t see an easy way to differentiate them from Tidal or Qobuz tracks without drilling down a bit and spotting the ‘download’ icon. In the Roon desktop app on my Mac, it is relatively straightforward to filter (or is it more current to say Focus?) on local files in my Music Folder. I understand, because of licensing and use/re-use rights that Tidal and Qobuz tracks can’t be downloaded via ARC, only in their native apps. My current workaround was to create a new Tag in the desktop app for all local music files, which I can then see in the Roon ARC app.

Am I missing something in the Roon ARC app that is perhaps a bit more elegant?

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I’ve found the local library icon, enabling this while searching filters out streaming services.

When it’s not enabled I see the albums from Tidal and Qobuz.

I think at the moment the only way to go is to create a “local” tag. Then that can be used to focus under Album or Artist. As Formula suggests another way is do an artist search and the local library icon becomes available. It’s a shame Roon didn’t add that functionality under the Album/Artists feature.

I’m currently going through my local library and tagging three categories: CD Quality, HiRes, Lossy. I don’t know if there is anyway to do bulk album tagging so it’s going to be a long process.

All of this because I would prefer to save my mobile data and play full quality from downloaded files.

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Cheers. Yes, I did see this. It looks like filtering in this way is only possible once you try to search for something. I was hoping that there is a filter one level up, i.e., before I search for something I can tap the local library icon and only see non-Tidal, non-Qobuz content.

Yeah, think you’re right. This seems to be the way to do it for now. I created a new tag, “A2D” (Available 2 Download) for all my files in local library. Works a treat. Hopefully Roon add a similar feature at some point.

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I’ve just figured out how to bulk tag. Used the three quality categories I mentioned and now Roon ARC works wonderfully! Now I need more phone memory! :rofl:

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