Roon Arc and ifi Go link

Just got my ifi go and plugged in to my Samsung s20. I have the USB driver enabled in settings in arc. I’m happy with the sound but the coloured lighting doesn’t react to the different formats. For example it doesn’t pick up on an MQA recording while the info in the path in arc does.

I’ve tried it through Tidal and USB Audio Pro where it does recognise the MQA.

Is anyone else getting this?

Cheers, Tim

You might post a pic of your Audio path so we can see what is going on. According to the lights, what resolution/format is it telling you it is getting?

Output is usb via ARC. Light is green with everything. Not concerned about the light, more with why it"s not reading the signal.


Well, first, try turning volume leveling off and see if MQA is recognized. ARC does not have the ability to do DSP and preserve the MQA signaling like the Roon app.


A change in path but green light still