Roon ARC and Kef

Hi - I have kef ls50 II wireless speakers and room arc on my iPhone. How do I select playback on the kef’s…? Can’t see any output selection anywhere…?

Because Roon ARC is a mobile app that allows you to access your music on your phone when not at home. Please install Roon Remote, the RC app to control your Roon installation, including all your endpoints, when at home.


I wish Roon would merge Roon and Roon ARC apps in the future. This will avoid this kind of confusion :). Might not be an exact apples to apples comparison, but the same Plex app works at home and outside.

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Hmmm… I agree. That’s a pretty poor bit of user experience. I can’t imagine two apps is planned for the future. Be good to hear some thoughts from Roon themselves.

If your on iOs you can use AirPlay to play to the KEFs but arc as mentioned is for outside of you home not for controlling Roon in the home it’s to make the phone an endpoint for headphone listening or you can cast via AirPlay or system Chromecast on Android. This may change over time though it was just easier for them to develop it as a separate app.

They have, to summarize:

A unified app would make some things easier, but it’s not so confusing IMHO. The first sentence of the descriptions in the Play Store:


About this app: Roon Remote controls your Roon Core to play music on devices around your home


About this app: Access your Roon music library directly from your phone, anywhere you go.

People will always be confused about something. With a unified app someone will be confused by having to use the same app for different things

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LOL, so, “technically” :thinking: the ARC description says “anywhere you go”, which would include in your home, right?.. Just sayin’. And yeah, I am being sarcastic here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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