Roon ARC and multi-channel DSD - why downsampling to 44.1 & 16 bit before transmission?

I noticed that when using ARC with multi-channel DSD files, Roon downsample everything to 44.1 and 16 bit before streaming the file to ARC.
Why would it do that ? It doesn’t when when playing 2 channel DSD.


Maybe because of bandwidth limitations over cellular?

Just speculating

Hi Stefan, yes but why don’t they do that for 2ch DSD files then ? For those they transmit the file as is.
I guess it’s an arbitrary decision after the mch file is converted to 2ch file on the server side. I wish they didn’t convert the resulting 2ch file to 16bit 41.4kHz flac before transmitting.

Why does it matter, that sort of conversion would kill the phone so makes sense to do it on the server. What happens if you play same to a different roon zone with no multichannel support? Maybe a combination of Roons setting and ARC settings.
What are your settings in ARC set to.

Well the conversion is done on the server side sure, but why downsampling to 16bit 44.1kHz ?why not convert to 24 bit 352.8kHz as I would get when streaming the 2ch DSD files ?

In my ARC settings, I chose original format:

Odd one then. Maybe one for support to answer unless it’s some setting on the core.

Approximately 16.9 mbps bandwidth over 3G or sometimes 4G might be (depending on the RF conditions) a bit challenging.

Is my throughput calculation correct?