Roon ARC Android problems

There are a couple of Android specific problems that I’ve run into in ARC:

  • ARC runs in full screen by default. This causes problems on devices using “2-button” or “3-button” system navigation as the navigation buttons are hidden by Roon (rather than being rendered underneath the app). Swiping up or down gets the app out of full screen, but this creates some janky interactions when trying to scroll or use navigation buttons.
  • ARC seems to download music without showing a notification. That’s not essential and hopefully downloads are still using something like Work Manager behind the scenes to ensure the downloading work won’t be killed by the OS, but it would be nice as a user to see an ongoing notification so that I know something is going on (and to eventually provide detailed progress, cancellation action etc). Using a foreground service for work like this is pretty common and feels like the experience I’d expect.