Roon ARC bitperfect MQA

Bitperfect but not MQA?

ARC is bit perfect and It will pass MQA through to a DAC that does both the MQA decoding and rendering. However ARC does not do the initial unfolding to pass MQA to a DAC that is only a MQA renderer.

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Perfect. Thanks

If I were to use the Tidal App, on an Android phone, would the App do the first unfold? Iā€™d like to use it with Android Auto.

Yes the Tidal app does the first unfold. I have done this when using an external DAC such as Dragonfly Red and confirmed it is doing that. Not sure exactly how it works with Android Auto and how you confirm it is doing the first unfold.

It would going to a capable DAC I have a feeling it wont for Android Auto as it likely supports Androids stock limitations of 48/24