Roon ARC casting to local network roon ready device

The new Roon ARC feature is welcome and awesome! I have a second home with its’ own roon ready devices.
It would be fantastic if the roon arc mobile app would allow casting or redirection of its’ audio to a roon ready, or other suitable standard, device on the same network as the mobile device.
This feature is present in the Qobuz app in which my KEF LS50 II is offered as the playback device from within the Qobuz app.

I agree. The “ARC outside” to “Roon inside” experience is a little awkward.

ARC seems to automatically update your last used in-home Roon endpoint with whatever was playing on ARC, but that’s often not the thing the user will want. ARC seems to insert the stuff played into the queue of the last active endpoint, which seems strange, as that’s not what was actually played at that endpoint. So Roon is trying to integrate ARC behavior and Roon Remote, but there’s certainly room for improvement here.

Suggestion: rather than full “casting” support, maybe just have Roon Core see ARC as just another endpoint and allow “zone transfer” from ARC to any other endpoint, as suggested in this thread: Roon ARC should be visible as an audio device - #7 by Fred_von_Lohmann1