Roon ARC - Corrupt Media

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iPhone Pro Max 14 iOS 12.4.1a

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I downloaded some FLAC 24/192 files (over 100MB each) via WiFi into Roon ARC installed on my iPhone. When I played the downloaded files, a red bar popped up with an error message: Corrupt Media. I removed the files and downloaded again, same error message. Please advise

Removed and reinstalled Roon ARC and was able to play those files from Roon Core via Wi-fi but “Corrupt Media” popped again after those files were downloaded to Roon ARC.

Are there Official Support look into issues raised in this Forum?

The @support team is small (5 people) and they don’t work weekends. They also deal with requests in a queue system. When your issue reaches the head of their queue, I expect that they will ask you to upload a sample file to Roon Labs so that they can examine it more closely.

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Thanks Geoff for the insight.

Hi @Graham_Choy ,

Can you please upload the affected media here and let us know afterward? Thanks!

Hi Noris, I uploaded 2 files out of the album. Thank you for looking into it. Kind regards Graham