Roon ARC - dedicated USB driver for bit perfect playback

Roon ARC is a HUGE step forward for the software. Currently however, its implementation for Android at least needs improvement. Specifically, the app does not bypass Android’s up sampling to 48khz even connecting an external DAC (which is not obviously recognised). This impairs sound quality which is not bit perfect anymore.
Please Roon, implement in a future release of the software your own USB driver like USB Audio Player Pro have done (and Tidal a few months ago…)

I think this has been requested several times already and really has nothing to do with ARC. The request is just as valid, more so imho, for Roon Remote. See. Hi-Res on Android? UAPP integration?

Hi @Rugby - I am aware of this “old” request for the the “classic” Roon app. However, prior to ARC that app was primarily used as a control app for Roon, i.e. not necessarily listening via your mobile since you were restricted within your home.
With the emergence of ARC though, its prime use will be for listening via your Android device, so sound quality becomes very very important.
So if you agree please vote


Couldn’t agree more. If tidal android app can support bit perfect now surely it’s not an impossible task for Roon ARC to achieve this. My DAP (FIIO m11plusltd) upsamples to 385kHz for anything played in Roon ARC when i prefer bit perfect