Roon ARC & Deleting Music from Library

Roon ARC should not allow the user to delete music from the library. The option should not be there at all and should be limited to Roon Remote use only. It’s too easy on a phone and on the go to accidentally delete one’s music.

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Does it delete from library only or the actual files?

In ARC the Remove for Library IS deletion for local files. You will get a pop up indicating such and requiring a secondary approval.

This has already been mentioned previously during early testing and there might even be a Feature Suggestion for it. If so, then add your vote. If not, then I suggest opening a new Feature Suggestion post for it.

I think that’s a security issue then. If not being able to configure the core was done due to security concerns - which I hope it was - not being able to delete files seems logical.

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There was a feature request some time ago when adding new users to your Roon Core. The feature requested was to limit the permissions on what you can do with the music files. For example, my young son enjoys Roon but not happy that he could delete the tracks with his profile.

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