Roon ARC - download to SD Card instead of internal storage?

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There doesn’t seem to be any way to select where to download music with Roon ARC on Android, it will only download to the internal storage.

My phone has 128Gb internal storage which is almost full, but I have a 512Gb SD Card that would be a much more appropriate destination for downloaded music.

Is there a way to tell Roon ARC to use my SD Card as storage instead of the internal storage? If not, are there any plans to allow users to select the download location in the future? Roon ARC would be a lot more useful to me if that were possible, as is my internal storage does not have the necessary space to allow me to download much music at all.

We definitely plan to support this in the future but it unfortunately was cut from the initial release.


Great thank you! I look forward to further developments of Roon ARC as accessing my library remotely is the one thing I felt Roon was lacking.

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Hi everyone,

We’re going to move this post into the #roon:feature-suggestions category, as it’s likely to be a popular request.

Keep in mind this is a high-priority item for the team as we move forward with Roon 2.0 and ARC, so we’ll be watching closely.


This would be the icing on th cake for what is a fabulous release. I know it’s been a long time coming but it feels a very well thought out and implemented change.

I’m voting as I have a Sony Walkman NW-A100 which runs Android 9 which I use as a dedicated music player. I’m really pleased that it can run Roon ARC as it won’t run Roon remote due to OpenGL constraints.

It only has 16gb of internal storage with only 3gb free so I have installed a large micro SD card to store the music but alas his isn’t available for offline dowloaded music currently.

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Was just going to post the same request. My FiiO M17 DAP have some space left on the internal space but with this request I could use the my 1TB SD card and have my whole library with me everywhere I go.

That, together with fixing the Android resample issue and I’m in heaven!

Thanks for a wonderful update!


where do the downloaded music files download to in Android?


DOH. Roon ARC looks great and has been sorely needed for a long time, but missing this feature on launch is a MAJOR FAIL. Hopefully it gets added very soon. Unfortunately, I won’t really be able to use it until this feature appears.

Would love to know this too!

I would also love this feature, then I can stop using foobar!

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Highly desired feature - then I can delete the music that’s currently on the SD card and replace it all with Roon-managed content.

I was so excited that I deleted all my content from my phone’s SD card. Then discovered that I couldn’t change the destination of Roon ARC downloads :frowning: Please add this feature ASAP.

Absolutely necessary! You need to add it!

I would rather ARC just used already existing content instead of requiring me to re-download music to my phone. Given that downloaded content is lost if you have to uninstall and re-install the program, I am not inclined to put all my music where ARC and only ARC can get to it.

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Roon should fix this ASAP. To me, this was the whole point of waiting for the ARC. It is not possible to Stream Hi-res files. 24/192 files and higher like DSD files on a mobile network, it requires a lot of data and will be too expensive in the long run. Therefore, it must be downloaded to an SD card. Downloading to the mobile phone, where most people may only have 100 GB, is too little when we are talking Hi-res files. I thought Roon’s segment was hi-fi geeks.

I’ve usually down-rezzed my files to 320kps so that I can fit everything in my library on my SD card. But cards are getting large enough and cheap enough that I could probably store everything as FLAC if I wanted. But like you say, locking your entire collection into a single app is a big step.

Watching the roll-out of Roon ARC reminds me of how excited and then disappointed I got when Plex launched Plexamp mobile. The big issues with Plexamp (which I think otherwise looks and works well and has an Android Auto app) both related to offline content - that Plexamp limits (I think to about a day’s worth of music) how much you can download, and that when it does download music the files aren’t readable by other apps. I’m guessing that Roon is storing them at Internal/Android/Data/com.roon.onthego/files - but the files aren’t even visible to any browser I have tried so far.

There might be very good reasons for this - allowing for syncing of play history etc - but then the app would need to be the one offline content audio player to rule them all - it needs Auto, and to save to an SD card, and maybe Cast, basically every feature that anyone could ever want. Which might not ever be achievable. Certainly Plexamp came up against these limits, though the app always felt a bit of an afterthought at Plex. Maybe Roon has the time and money to get it right. Or maybe mobile data gets cheap and ubiquitous enough that we stop obsessing about offline access to everything.

So Roon ARC will replace Plexamp for me as the best way to stream music to phone/bluetooth speaker away from home over Wifi. But for car/out and about I will probably stick with Poweramp. For now

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