Roon ARC - External IP

How does Roon ARC know your external IP? I see no reference to it anywhere. What am I missing?

I believe it’s part of your core’s registration with Roon.

So Core updates “Roons registration” and Roon ARC communicates with that registration to get the current external ip. Is that correct?
Mine is working just wondering how :slight_smile:

Yes, basically something like this. It also requires inbound connectivity in your router for communication with roon core. This connectivity is opened by Roon Core from inside home network using UPnP if active on your router or, if you don’t want to enable UPnP, you can setup manual port-forwarding from Internet towards your Roon Core in home network on specific port.

thanks , it’s just Roon ARC getting the external IP that isn’t clear. I overthought the configuration as a result.

So if I turn off wifi (in home connection) I should be able to connect via 4G/5G? If so it doesn’t work. I’ve configured the port forwarding on the router for the specified port in both IP4 and IP6 (pinhole) but to no avail. Help!

can you give us the IP address(es) that connects to the core server
or dns names
to secure incoming connections
I noted these two addresses and but maybe another


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Yes, turning off wi-fi forces an external connection. That’s how I initially tested ARC. It also worked fine for me from the start.