Roon ARC - FRITZ!Box - VPN

If you are using an FRITZ!Box router - in my case 7590 - and don’t want to use port forward, there is a very nice solution that works just fine with ARC,

You just need to setup WireGuard-VPN:

and than install WireGuard-VPN on your phone.

If you than test the connection it will show Roon ARC is not ready:

But ARC works just fine and you have an VPN connection.



The equivalent setup using Tailscale is, apparently, now a Roon sanctioned method of connecting ARC even to the point that support is offered in the ARC Port Forwarding suppoty subcategory and thus will come to the attention of Roon support staff.

You will need to install Tailscale on both your RoonServer machine and your phone. But with Roon Rock NUC it is not possible to install anything.

With the above solution there is no need for that.


RoonOS is currently more of a challenge. However, there is an equivalent Tailscale solution: See:

and the tailscale article referenced from the above:

Sure, but adding a “subnet router” is just adding more complexity. For me not an option.


Can confirm the FRITZ!Box Wireguard VPN service works great, and it’s free. Anyone with a FRITZ!Box should give it a whirl. It also works with the Roon Remote App negating the need for Roon ARC.


Always make sure that the App is turned on:

Than everything works just fine.


You absolutely right :slight_smile: Just did a test away from home (5G - iPhone 15 Pro) and it works :slight_smile:


I had Wireguard VPN set up in my FRITZ!Box for awhile but never attempted to connect with ARC without port forwarding, it’s now how I use ARC.

Another hint for FRITZ!Box users that I sadly didn’t know about for too long, I don’t want to have my Roon Server machine running while not listening to save energy. As WOL tools don’t work via most VPN including Wireguard, I always opened the FRITZ!Box UI in a mobile browser, logged in and navigated to my machine to start it via the FRITZ!Box UI button. This is so inconvenient that often enough, halfway there I wasn’t sure anymore whether I really wanted to listen to music.

Now I found out the FRITZ!Box supports an API that allows access to most of the interface options via HTTP request, including sending a connected computer a Wake On LAN signal. I created a iOS Shortcut (well it conveniently syncs to other Apple devices as well) with a “Get Contents of URL” action and now waking up my Roon Server is just a quick tap away, no matter whether I’m at home in my LAN or somewhere else and connected via Wireguard. Can post the shortcut in case anyone is interested.

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Hi Rüdiger

Das wäre super :slight_smile: What would be great :slight_smile:


It works by sending a POST request to (adjust IP address for your router if you changed it, like I did).

I use two headers: Content-Type set to text/xml; charset="utf-8"

And SoapAction set to urn:dslforum-org:service:Hosts:1#X_AVM-DE_WakeOnLANByMACAddress.

Then the request body is (use the MAC address of your machine for XX:XX:…, the machine name assigned to in FB UI may also work):

<?xml version="1.0"?><s:Envelope xmlns:s="" s:encodingStyle=""><s:Body><u:X_AVM-DE_WakeOnLANByMACAddress xmlns:u="urn:dslforum-org:service:Hosts:1"><NewMACAddress>XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX</NewMACAddress></u:X_AVM-DE_WakeOnLANByMACAddress></s:Body></s:Envelope>

I created a Shortcut starting with a text block with the body content, followed by a “Get Contents of URL” action and I fill address and headers as above. For the body text I chose “File” and selected the text block with the XML text in the combo box (looks empty in the screenshot but I selected Text …). Looks like this:


Maybe dumb question: why use ARC when you’re on your local network? That’s what VPNs are for. I have a Fritz too, turn on connection from my iPhone with no additional software, play stuff from Roon from anywhere. YMMV

You don’t have to :slight_smile: You can use the standard App from Roon.


Hello Torben,

that is exactly what I was looking for!

Thank you very much.

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@Sebastian_Vogt1 It is quite easy and works just fine. So far no problems,


Works as you promised !!! Thank you very much from Wetzlar / Lahn, Germany

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