Roon ARC hand-off stream to wifi speaker

I would like to hand-off my Roon Arc stream to a Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i (on the Wifi network of my office or holiday home)
Is this possible?

Yes, this is straightforward… at least with iOS, and with Bluetooth not Wi-fi.

Simply go to your phone’s setting, and under Bluetooth, connect to the Pulse Flex.

ARC will now play to that device.

Thx Martin, I would prefer it to be lossless, so no BT if possible.

Can’t you jus play it via AirPlay
Ok just tested it and yes you can

Pull down from the top of the screen and select the streaming audio button

Then select your Bluesound player, just did it and it seemed to work perfectly at 16/44

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Ok, I’ll need to check this. I’m on android, so Airplay is not native I guess? But my 2nd-halve has Iphone

Ah sorry I thought I saw reference to iPhone.

If Android then I think BlueOS supports higher quality Codecs like AptXHD which is much closer to CD quality (but not CD quality)

You could also use a dongle DAC to an RCA splitter cable which would give you 24/48 upsampled music from your phone to the Bluesound.

ARC doesn’t yet support other kinds of casting on Android (I have an Chromecast audio in my BS PowerNode which would be good to use)

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Thx Michael

You can still cast Arc to any Chromecast device with system chromecast it won’t be hires but should work ok. AirPlay works great done this a few times.


I have used Airplay and thought it worked well, but I do not use my iPhone as my daily device, so less interruptions.

I didn’t have the same success with Chromecast as it was pushing out alerts, but I will give it another try on a device that I put in DND mode

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Iphone with Airplay works perfectly, thx!

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I also made it work on Android using a 3rd party Airplay & UPnP app. So smooth sailing :slight_smile:

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Out of curiosity what is the 3rd party Airplay app. That could be useful thanks

Still testing it before I commit to the paying version…

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Thanks looks interesting :+1:

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