Roon ARC has me confused (Breezeline Modem w/ Netgear Nighthawk Router)

Roon Core Machine

Sonic Transporter I5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Nighthawk RX6600 Router
Breezeline ISP
Breezeline Techniclor Modem. WiFi is turned off on this modem.

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Below are some screen shots from my phone running the test. I am confuded about what device to run the test on, PC or IPhone ?

Is this test supposed to be done while on the home network ? In this case via wifi with the IPhone.

I assume I will be using my verizon service to connect in the car ? Stupid ? I know.

Does the listening port have to be set somewhere.

Beyond this I admittedly do not know what questions to ask. Thanks, Wayne

MultipleNatFound is the issue.
Switch your modem to Bridge Mode.

Edit: Link for general information.
There’s questionable advice there (ie DMZ. Don’t do that!).

If your modem isn’t able to run in bridge mode or if that doesn’t help there are some other solutions such as setting up port forwarding.
Let us know.

Thank you. I did find something I can try, see below. Just unsure what device they are referring to for wired of wifi ?

I’m not certain as in my case the only option on my modem was to toggle Bridge Mode on or off.
There were no other parameters related to Bridge Mode.
It was off by default.

Is your example the manual for your modem?
If so my guess is that “device” refers to your modem.
As you said wifi was disabled on the modem presumably you’d use the Wired option?

FYI: I’m not particularly knowledgeable about networking.
I saw that you have a separate modem and router and that you are getting the MultipleNat error.
This describes my situation as well and it was a simple matter of enabling Bridge Mode on my modem (and restarting everything).

If it still isn’t working for you Roon Staff (or maybe another user) will show up eventually. They’ve been busier than usual lately so it might take a few days.

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Hi @Wayne_Fiala,

The error diagnostic you’ve encountered generally means there’s a second layer of address translation at the level of your router or your internet service provider. As far as Roon tech support is aware, Breezeline does not have carrier-grade network address translation (CG-NAT) for their residential account tier, so you are more than likely able to resolve this issue by Bridging the Wired Ports group in the interface you shared above. Unless I’m misreading the instructions, this should Bridge the Netgear router to the Breezeline modem.

Also, try enabling UPnP in the Netgear Nighthawk web administration page. Here’s an article showing how:

Well UPnP was already on.
I tried the instructions as I posted above, and it wanted me to pick wired ports 1to 4 of them or wireless 3 options. So not knowing anything else, I tried port one and applied and it locked everything up and lost all internet connections. I also could not get into admin, finally microsoft network repair found a problem, and got me back in and I set it back bridge mode off. I guess this is not as easy as I thought for me. thanks for responding. Unless I just do not understand the process. I’m not sure how often I would even use, but would have liked to just try it.

If your modem’s Bridge Mode cannot be activated, then the other option is to create a set of port forwarding rules on the modem and on your RX6600 router using the following guidelines:

  1. One port forwarding rule from the cable modem to the IP address of the RX6600 router using the port number found in Settings → Roon ARC

  2. A second port forwarding rule from the RX6600 router to the IP address of the computer you use for your Roon Core, using the port number found in Settings → Roon ARC

UPnP should be deactivated on both the modem and the RX6600.

Does this help?

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I need to start over if anybody still can help. I think I need to understand a few things first. It sounds easy to get ARC running, but maybe not at all times.

.I updated my ROON in SonicTransporter, and updated my IPhone with ROON ARC Software and Updating the latest IPhone IOS software. My Breezeway Modem is a Phone modem for a landline also in case that could be an issue.

So when running this test in ROON software for ARC, where should you be doing this from, the IPhone I want to use ARC on ? If so and in the house, I am assuming I should shutoff WIFI on the phone, so I am out of my network ? I assume ARC is meant to run over my Cellular service.

When I went to turn on UPnP was already turned on., on my Netgear RAX70 r8-Stream AX6600 Tri-Band WiFi 6 Router.

When I went to turn on Bridge mode, which I could do, it needed me to check off some boxes for either WIRED Ports 1,2,3,4, and or WIFI PORTS 2.4, 5, or 5-2 GhZ. You can see this in the bridge instruction page I copied above on the 3RD post.

So in the end, I do not understand their reference to “my Device” in which port/ports to pick. Assuming this is done, what happens next ?

Do I have to reset something or another when everything seems to lock up my system as it did the first time I played with this.?

AS far as another way with port forwarding rules I would be lost there, and not sure I could even get in Breezeways Modem, and the support sucks.

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