Roon Arc Home Page Display Items

A few questions regarding the info displayed on the Arc home page…

#1 What info is used to generate “Your recent artists” ? Is it recently added, or played, or searched? Maybe something else?

#2 My selection of “Genres for you” that was on the home page at launch is gone, and I would love to see it come back. Why did it go away? How can I get it to come back?

Any help appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

See this…

Should still be visible…

It should be visible… but it simply isn’t. Genres for you disappeared a while ago, and despite rebooting the core, uninstalling and reinstalling Arc, and resetting Roon Arc… it just has never come back.

And my question about “Your recent artists” is seeking to find out what action you do inside Roon (on my mac) or inside Arc (on my phone or iPad) that updates the list. I have tried to search for artists, play their radio, shuffle them, select albums etc… “Recently played” always updates, but “your recent artists” has been the same for a long while now.

Wondering what you actually have to “do” to get Roon to update your recent artists (happens in Roon on my pc as well as Arc on my mobile devices).

Very curious. I wonder if there is just some bug that has befallen me that “starting over with Arc” might remedy.