Roon ARC - How to download all music?

Firstly a big congratulations and thank you to everyone at Roon involved in the 2.0 release. I’m up and running with it right now and have had an initial play with Roon ARC on my home WiFi network (since I’m at home right now) and also with my phone in airplane mode to get a feel for how it works when disconnected. I have a question though.

I’m one of those people who most wanted Roon to be a totally offline solution where I could download my entire locally stored library, ideally transcoded to 256kbs AAC, and then have access to it all when totally disconnected e.g. on an airplane. From my experiments so far I’m cautiously optimistic that I might be able to do this but the first hurdle I see is downloading everything since, like most other primarily streaming-oriented solutions, downloads are initiated on a per item (album, playlist etc).

Is there any trick I can use to download everything in one go rather than having to go to each one of my albums individually to download it? I’m wondering if there is some way I can create a new “Everything” playlist that contains every track currently in my library and then simply select that playlist to download? Or if that won’t work is there any other way to select multiple items for download?

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An “everything” playlist should work fine if you just want all of the media on your phone.


Thanks Brian.

Sorry for being dumb, I did search for “Roon everything playlist” and didn’t find anything that looked relevant so - how do I create an “everything” playlist (obviously without going through all my tracks and adding them one by one!)?

Please ignore previous message. I worked it out. Select track view, select first track, scroll to the end and then shift-select last track to get everything then add it to the playlist.

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CTRL+A (or command+A on mac) works to select all as well.

You can also click this little dropdown in the top left when selecting items to get more options:

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