Roon ARC - How to download individual tracks or playlists

Is there a limit to the number of tracks in a playlist or its total size (Mb) that can be downloaded? One of my larger locally hosted playlists (circa 65hrs) won’t initialise. I fully appreciate that my phone storage limit will impact this. Thanks in advance. Great app BTW.

Thank you.

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Qobuz doesn’t give away downloaded files for free. You can download them from Qobuz using the Buy button.

For me, being able to limit mobile audio quality is even better than downloading the files. I love it, perfect.

I believe there are significant legal headwinds (contracts and licensing) that would need to be resolved.

so sadly I have to stick with Tidal/Qobuz to have offline non-my-library albums… that’s really a shame I was really looking forward to using Roon and Roon only while traveling. v2.x maybe?


Yeah, the more I am hearing / seeing about this, it sounds like its a major barrier. Seeing a lot more threads now pop up in the forum on this topic. I think we are all going through our unpleasant discovery with this reality…

The juggling of multiple apps / experiences continues…or even grows now unfortunately.

I use the Tidal app in my car using downloaded content only. This is particularly useful when travelling out of cellular range or overseas. The restriction to local content makes the current Roon arc app unusable for me.
A major issue is that their appears to be no way of easily identifying what is local content directly from the Roon app. It automatically displays all content available from local and streaming services and there is no filter available for local content only.

Yes, this needs to be resolved before I even start using it. I do not have unlimited data and offline for me is the only way.

This is very disappointing

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Agreed as to disappointment. I have a lot of Tidal content downloaded on my phone and it would be nice to be able to play that with Roon ARC in addition to the local files. I don’t really want to switch between apps. Not very useful for me until that is sorted out.

That said, good work Roon, I love your service, and the new ARC is progress in the right direction.

Surely, the simple solution then is to still keep the actual data of the offline stored tracks on the legally allowed apps like in my Qobuz “Offline Library” but instead (for the meantime) have Qobuz’s app permit RoonArc to have access to those ‘local’ files? That way, there is no additional ‘copying’ of data in breach of Qobuz’s copyright terms which allowed it’s app to permit local storage to begin with. This may be a legally acceptable workaround for the time being, as it is essentially no different to the original concept of Roon permitting or routing playback of copyrighted data under the terms of the licence granted to Qobuz or Tidal to stream (and also download to their respective mobile apps)

Roon will never be allowed to download or have access to any of the streaming service downloads. They are massively encrypted in the native apps as that is the only way the labels allow the feature.
It won’t come in V2 or …


All the while apple is improving their music and interface to make them pointless. Why won’t they just develop apps that are decent? Linn/Qobuz/tidal / now Roon just pretend that they have game changing features when they are so far behind from a UX perspective. Sigh.

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