Roon ARC - How to download individual tracks or playlists

It seems that you can only download complete albums, if so that could take up a lot of unneccesary space where you only want an selected tracks from an album or a playlist?

I might have missed something of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was just about to press the button on a new iPhone, glad I waited - might have to go for the 1tb model now!!

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Well I am concerned and I have a 512GB iphone 14 Pro Max :slightly_smiling_face:

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I could not find the download button on my iPhone… . where is that ? :slight_smile: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Actually I understood why I could not find it. “Download” seems to be available only for albums stored on your local library, you can’t download from Qobuz/Tidal.
Am I right ?

For now, you are able to download albums and playlists consisting of local files. If there are specific local tracks you’d like to download feel free to add them to a playlist.

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Select an album from the Home Screen, it’s at the top right next to the gear icon.

It only works on your own library music, not on streaming service music by the looks of it

ah ok… got it, thanks!

LOL. Two threads currently next to each other about Roon ARC downloading, yours wanting to download less and mine wanting to download more. Poor Roon :smiley:

For your use could you set up a new playlist called something like “iPhone Downloads” and then add the specific tracks you want to download to that playlist and once you’ve selected all the tracks you want then go to that playlist in your library using Roon ARC and select download to download the whole playlist?

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Does the “for now” imply that we will at some point be able to download tracks from Qobuz?

So if you only use streaming and you want to download content due to poor connection you still have to use the Tidal/Quobuz app to do that?

This is Correct.

Ah only local files can be downloaded. That’s SUPER sad news and very outdated. You should work out the legal stuff and allow streaming files too :star_struck:


Wow… yes, and this should be in big letters and bold somewhere very visible, as this is a big drawback!

I downloaded all of my offline Tidal files to ready my phone for ARC… big mistake.


Thanks Michael for the confirmation here, on the local file only download. I think we are all going to be hanging on very tightly to the “for now” part of your message. I would have to think this ‘limitation?’ is going to be a huge moment of discovery for most users, as it was for me and others on this thread.

I’m VERY excited about this release, and hope to leave the Qobuz app behind forever, but my initial impressions here are that we will be stuck in two worlds/mobile apps unless the ARC app supports Qobuz/(tidal) offline access. Offline or download access is entirely how I use the Qobuz mobile app.

I have to think this will be a major topic for many…

Thanks for any additional insight here.

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While waiting for the legal stuff to be worked out with the streaming services, it would be nice to have a setting within Roon Arc to limit the mobile audio streaming quality as to use less data.

No it’s against copyright only the services native apps are allowed to do this not 3rd parties same as it’s always been

Downloads yes but ARC will stream lower quality version to device if you have less bandwidth available if you have it configured to do so over cellular.

You can set it to do this already. Choose which works best for you.

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I stand corrected …. there is a setting.