Roon ARC in the car

First to the Roon development team: BRAVO…!

Successfully installed Roon 2.0 and Roon ARC. Opened up my router et voila… It works like a charm…!
It plays on my Samsung Flip 4 while I am away from home. It plays in the car over BT. One little thing however: No track information visible on the display of the car audio system…

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Will it work in a car via some connection other than BT? My 2016 Volvo has a USB interface. I tried connecting my iPhone via USB without success.

OK … to answer my own question. The old Volvo “Sensus” infotainment system has “USB” and “iPod” connection options (in addition to BT). I got ARC to play after connecting a USB cable and selecting “iPod” (rather than “USB”) on the dashboard panel. The iPhone ARC display indicated lossless playback.

It does shows everything but album art in my car. Shows everything in spouses car. While connected to bluetooth. I suspect it has to do with how each car is handling the incoming bluetooth stream.

@Rugby I do know that Spotify shows it all, album cover art, artist, name of song. We (wife and I) both have that small BMW i3 “vacuum cleaner”…
@Tom_K No experience with USB cables other than for charging…

One more question for the team: Does it “auto start playing” as I enter the car the next time…?

I have the same issue with ARC not showing album art on a Chevrolet Malibu. Other apps like Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music can show it.
Is Roon working on a solution to this?