Roon ARC iOS - where is the alphabet scroll bar and layout preference settings for list vs tile?

Just got ARC working on my iPhone and went straight to the album view. No scroll bar to help fast scrolling?

Layout: any options to change? I just get a list view when there is space for a tiled view of the album covers. I can’t see any layout preferences in Settings.

Nice to have mobile Roon, hope to see some significant improvements to the app in due course.

We’re already working on a better scroll method for long lists. Should be coming in the near future.


+1 from me on this one. Well, +2 really because while it’s great to hear that better scrolling for long lists is being worked on I am equally interested in the other feature request here. I would love to have a tile view or even a choice of a couple of tile views, standard or large depending on how many albums per page a user wants to see.