Roon ARC, iPhone, AirPods Pro2 -> impressive SQ

Just want to share my very positive experience with ARC on my iPhone 14 Max Pro , playing on AirPods pro 2; Playing a playlist with Tidal and own music (CD quality → Bluetooth).

The sound stage of the music is amazing, well place instruments, Clear sound stage, depth and clear echo, lots of detail. Umpf on the base side. An utmost pleasure to listen to it. So much so that i wanted to share it.

You would assume due to the Bluetooth headset, music being played lossy, you would loose some of the detail and let 3d detail, less/no depth.

ARC is getting the most out of my AirPods. I seem to prefer ARC over Apple-music sound wise. Of course it is al up to personal taste. Is ARC using the AirPods more wisely?

Anyway: give it a spin and see if you agree.


I certainly listen with the Airpod Pro 2’s - they are my EDC (everyday carry). I also listen through my Thieaudio Monarch MkII, Moondrop Variations, 7Hz Timeless, and Campfire Audio Andromeda 2020 wired IEMs, and they are much more impressive to me sonically, but require a whole rigamarole of “getting set up” that I mostly only do on longer flights or plane rides.

I’ll echo what you’re saying tho - APPro2’s can be pretty darn wonderful (pair quickly & easily, sound better than you’d think), and ARC makes the experience of cruising around town easier listening to music pretty great. ARC + APPro2’s = much much happy listening.

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Fullest agreement! :metal:
Since Roon ARC has been released I prefer the setup including an iPhone and the “new” AirPods Pro 2 over the Roon Remote app at home for mobile use. The sound is so well balanced, that I don’t miss the DSP in Roon ARC so far. Before that I was using an Beyerdynamic T5P with an Astell&Kern DAC.

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