Roon ARC is not working

Is pretty weird that I can’t connect to my roon core while it is online…The weird thing happened after the update few days ago

However I can still connect to my roon core via roon remote, lol

Please share the diagnostics message from Roon > Settings > Roon ARC, and post as text using the </> button in the forum editor.

It seems everything work appropriately, however I still can’t connect to my roon core

Hi @Andre_Xiao,

Could you please share the error message in English?

Kind regards,


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Hi @Andre_Xiao,

I wanted to revive this thread as it appears your issue went unresolved.

Have you been able to successfully configure port forwarding in the meantime? The tech support team will be standing by for your response. Please share any recent diagnostics from the Roon ARC port forwarding tab as a text block (copy/paste), and we will follow up shortly with next steps if necessary.

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