Roon ARC: Landscape mode

  • Landscape support
    Plex amp does this with a side by code UI

I support this! I use Roon Arc in my car often with Maps running in landscape mode as well. Switching between the two requires me to rotate my phone (it sounds petty, i know, but it’s this level of polish that makes Roon such a joy to use)

I have Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and want to use it in my car landscape mode. However screen-autorotation doesn’t work in Roon ARC as you can see in picture. This problem occurs on every tablet also.

An older feature suggestion:

Would be good if mods could merge this so that votes are not diluted

Done, topics are now merged.

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I really wonder how comes this has still not been implemented… This is really a no-brainer.

The is ARC 1.0. The no-brainer takes time as well and other things were more urgent. Going forward, many less critical features will be added

On Samsung tablets with active Samsung Dex Arc is in landscape mode :slightly_smiling_face:

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Would definitely love this. Just set up a listening area and was surprised when the screen on my tablet didn’t rotate.

For me it would be very important to be able to use the ARC app in landscape!

I would like to install ARC on my Eversolo DMP-A6 so I can access my audio data directly there (without additional hardware such as a Smartphone or PC).