Roon ARC minimum requirements

Successfully used Roon ARC on my iPhone and iPad today.

This evening, mostly just for fun, I tried it on an old DAP - Pioneer XDP-100R - which is running Android 5.1.1.

Apparently, Roon ARC is not compatible with the device. Roon 2.0 works as expected.

What are the minimum requirements for Roon ARC on Android?

Android 8.0 (fixed that too many times now)

But are there any other system requirements that the system that runs Roon core must have?
Minimum CPU, or minimum upload bandwidth?

Sorry that’s wrong. Android 9 is the minimum Android for ARC, Roon remote is still minimum of 8.

The KB is wrong it’s 9 for ARC, 8 for Roon remote only. This was how it was in testing and nothings changed since then. Someone’s dropped the ball on the KB.

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I’m using Roon Remote with Android 5.1.1. Was surprised Roon 2.0 installed but I’ve used it successfully with my Cambridge Audio Evo.


Where did you see this? I just tested an loaded Roon Remote on my Android 5, Android 6, and Android 7 devices and it works seamlessly. ARC won’t work, of course.


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