Roon arc needs updates

Here are a few recommendations.

The lyrics should have a button that turns on a scroll function. Also, as in karaoke, it would be nice if said button highlights the words as the song progresses.

When we click “start radio”, there is no good reason not to FINISH the song and then move to the next (first roon selected) song. This clearly is a glitch?

There should be an option to add Spotify, amazon music, and iTunes with the swipe of a non-high-resolution button. You get the idea. I am aware amazon does offer HD, but for services that aren’t audiophile grade, we should be able to access them via arc. A push button that opens up to non-audiophile grade options would increase roon’s capabilities immensely.

Lastly, If I’m listening to a song on roon radio, there should be a button to play that album from that artist. I don’t see one. I see we can go to the artists collection but being able to play the album would be a nice additional feature.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good. ARC has plenty of improvements to come. I’m glad I was able to update the nucleus + to 2.0 and I’m glad I was able to map to my internal hard drive in nucleus plus. I’m glad ARC is working remotely, and I look forward to using these services more as I continue to get a better understanding of them.

@Adam_Gorberg, please make one feature suggestion per topic. Thanks.

Please see this thread, and note that the same applies to Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music.