Roon ARC not able to support lossless output despite using external USB DAC

I’ve tried last night and UI is pretty good. The only let down is Android OS, despite using an external USB DAC, Roon still SRC the signal path. Currently, I’m using USB Audio Player Pro (UAPP) app with its dedicated USB driver able to bypass the android SRC and pass bit perfect to my AK HC2 DAC.

May be Roon should consider implement their generic USB driver for Android users otherwise I don’t see much use if you care about lossless quality :blush:

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I think Roon ARC on Android based DAP has chance to bypass SRC, on Android phone UAPP is my choice so far.

Did you choose “Original Format” for both WIFI and cellular in Roon ARC app?

I’m having the same issue; have S22 Ultra wired via USB C to a Kenwood head unit in the car that can handle up to 24/ 192. Played some 24/ 192 & 24/ 96 tracks, and all got converted down to 24/ 48. 24/ 48 is still fine, but until this 1) gets integrated with Android Auto/ Apple Carplay, and 2) can properly pass these higher but rate tracks, I think I’ll continue to use the Qobuz app on the go. I don’t have a large personal hi res collection, so native Qobuz app is a good alternative for me.

I use a Chord Mojo as a portable headphone DAC/ Amp, so I know it’s possible to get true hi res PCM & DSD out of an Android device when passing along to an external DAC.

But, I am pleased with the 1st iteration of this thing; sounds like there’s a lot more to come. Just hope it’s soon!!

This is Android OS SRC but this can be bypass if Roon decided to implement its own USB driver similar to an USB Audio Player Pro (UAPP) that has been done couple of years back.

I did raise this issue back regarding on Roon Remote running on Android OS but it was never implemented. I guess if Roon really want to push ARC hard, they need to re-think how to support majority android users to stream in lossless quality :relaxed:

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Everybody interested in this topic please vote here:

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Any updates on this? I’m very eager for lossless ARC on Android.