Roon ARC Not connecting

Hey Emmany.

I’m no tech expert, but yeah if your ports are saying they’re closed but you’ve enabled forwarding on your router, then it could be ISP related. Was for me.

Worth a shot getting them to unblock port forwarding at their end. aussiebroadband opened all ports. I’m only letting the ARC port through locally so fingers crossed it’s as secure as can be.

Optus got majorly compromised via a hack very recently so good luck getting through to support :wink:

Thanks Mate , I heard about the optus hack . Its not very encouraging though . Do you think opening up one port for Roon poses any security issues ?.

Thanks everyone for all your replies. I managed to sort it by setting up port forwarding in my Bt HomeHub manager. Here is the link for anyone who has one: How do I set up port forwarding on my BT Hub? | BT Help

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If someone can get in through that port then I guess I’m cooked. I’m unsure how trivial that would be, I presume it’s easy for someone who really wanted in. Looks like James the OP got his sorted out. Good luck with yours.

Its so weird with this Roon arc. My plex server connects outside the network without any tweeking done . I dont understand why Roon has to make things that complicated . I hope mine will work soon , I was very excited about this new feature .