Roon ARC on core option to turn off

Option to turn off ARC and close port in settings in roon core. Would be a great option for those who seldom use ARC and is concerned about network security.

Yes, this should really be done. It seems to me, I may be wrong, that if a user’s router has upnp enabled then Roon will automatically open a port with no user interaction. Sorry but this is really bad practice.


I certainly agree with this, there should be an option to turn off Arc. The lack of an option to turn it off is what is stopping me from upgrading from 1.8.

If you mean you want to prevent Roon from setting up a port forward then turning Port Forwarding
OFF at the Router level should be done. If fact, if this matters to you, it should be done anyway, forget about Roon, as other things/software may also attempt automated UPnP setups. It is what I do.

I have turned it off at my router. I still want an on/ off on Roon. It would not matter to users of Arc, the default could be set to on.