Roon ARC on FiiO M17

At the end of the month I will be moving to the seaside with my family, so I can keep working and my wife and daughter can get some sun and beach life.
I’m not sure which DAC/AMP should I bring with me to listen to Roon ARC.
If I download ARC on the (superb) M17, should I be able to listen to lossless music?

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I think the answer is yes, but paging @Martin_Kelly as he has one and has been loving it very much. It might well reaample everything on ARC to 48K though so it depends on your view on that.

But I don’t think you can download music to external storage using ARC offline though, which seems to be a huge downside of ARC on any DAP at the moment.


In using the M17 with Roon lossless you’ve multiple options:

  • try to use VPN and then the M17 as Roon endpoint
  • add an external USB DAC to the M17
  • use a mobile with ARC and the M17 as USB DAC → this I’ll prefer
  • take a Roon core with you

Before trust ARC try it out at home (also outside from your Wifi). Personally I’m not really a fan of ARC, because it will not work as stable as it should and so I’m using my M11 plus outside more as standalone DAP with two 1 TB cards full with music.


It like all of the range will currently resample to what the dacs last known rate was that played or If it’s fresh on then it will be 384. Until Roon fix ARC to recognise internal dacs in devices.


I thought they had already said that was planned for future updates.
That and using external storage are needed for me to invest in another DAP

I have been using my old FIIO M9 this week and enjoying the sound quality, but it has become so slow.


Thanks everyone for the answers!
The other option I have is to take the Chord Mojo 2 + Poly and then play ARC on my iPhone connected to the Mojo via USB, but I really like the sound of the M17 and prefer it to the Mojo.

So what’s with the resampling? Does ARC not recognise the DAC on the M17?

No only external dacs via usb. It’s pretty much the same as Android in the main Roon app. They are working on sorting it out at some point but who knows when. It’s a shame as the new M range are all Roon Ready and work amazingly well at this, but ARC not so at moment. It’s the same on any Android DAP not just the FiiO range.

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Oh, I didn’t know that!
So I guess my only option is to go with the Chord Mojo…
That’s a shame, because after a few weeks I’ve fallen in love with the sound of the M17 and it’s hard to go back (even though the Mojo 2 is a great dac/amp).

But, but, but…
What if I stream from the Qobuz/Tidal/Apple Music apps directly from the M17? That would be lossless, right?

Yes anything but ARC as Roon have limited their app to believing it’s a standard Android device when it’s not.


I don’t use ARC on my M17 Marcello, but I’m pretty sure that the consensus is correct, that it would revert to 48K as per Android’s limitations.

And yes, Qobuz etc will stream at the correct sample-rate.

Glad that you’re happy with the M17! It’s definitely something special :heart_eyes:

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So that solves the problem! :star_struck:
And yes, I’m really happy with the M17, paired with the Sundara it’s a killer combo! :heart_eyes:

Now I just have to see what other headphones I can get besides the Sundara :grin:

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I have been using Arc on iPhone and Hiby R8. I have been just so pleased to be able to access my Roon library on the go, and with Muse now integrated to have access to DSP tools. I recognize the Upsampling limitations but as I am an Yggdrasil user on my home set-up, it’s fine for me. More importantly (to me) is my ability to set up a DSP profile for different headphones and IEMS like Audeze LCD-X. I try to remind myself that a bit more than a year ago there was no Roon except at home.

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I agree, arc is quite convenient when you want to listen to your local library and you’re not under your network (or you’re away).