Roon ARC on iPad vs Kindle Fire HD 10

So apparently Kindle Fire HD 10 has a full size tablet version of ROON ARC but my brand new iPad Air 5 just has an oversized version of the iPhone version. What’s the deal with that?

It would be nice to see this full size tablet version on my iPad. Maybe the kindle has just the right screen dimensions that allows it to have what seems like a full size tablet version of ROON ARC.

Also, you can play music via the USB C port on a Kindle but it’s not lossless, can’t do MQA even with an MQA full decoder DAC attached and re-samples everything to 24/96.

There are no tablet versions of the Roon ARC app as of yet.

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It has something to do with the scaling on certain Android based devices. Not a different version though.
I see a similar screen layout on my Lenovo Tab M8HD, but the damned thing is so slow i usually fall asleep before getting music playing with it…

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