Roon ARC on Raspberry Pi

Is it likely that a version of Roon ARC will be released for the Raspberry Pi?

It would be great to listen to music remotely without having to connect my phone via bluetooth etc.

Its been asked in one form or another 8 million times. No exaggeration, do a search or just scroll down a bit.

Funny, i saw the title and thought, ooh, that would be interesting. Haven’t thought of that before, and i’ve been on the forum for a bit.

I searched, and didn’t find nearly 8 million posts. What would you search for?

If you have iPhone, you could use arc to play the pi via AirPlay which is available on most distros via Shairplay.

I’d say unlikely, as Roon view ARC for use as a mobile endpoint for use on smartphone phones.

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Thanks for your reply. It’s a shame though, would make it easier to use in the office etc.

Plexamp now offers that functionality.

It would be good to get away from needing a smartphone. With bluetooth, if I leave the are or turn my phone off, the music stops.

Could you run chrome OS (Chromebook OS) on raspberry pi. Looks like you can install Android apps on this is nativity? No clue how to output audio

From out of your local network ?

The whole point of ARC is to be mobile though. I would like to have the option to route it to any potential Roon endpoint that’s outside of my network but that’s some time off yet I feel. I am sure they will port arc at some point to other os but it’s primary function was to allow mobile access for on the move.

I don’t think arc works on Chromeos, I think someone tried it.

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Yes, I use it on a Raspberry Pi in my office outside of my home & when I’m away on holidays.
I also use it in my car with my phone & bluetooth like Arc

one question. How?

If you mean ARC on a PI its not possible. If the pi is running the linux shareplay that emulates Airplay then you could Airplay from ios to it. Other than that its a no go.

Android running on Raspberry Pi
I have built a few of them , though unsure what the benefit of ARC running on one is :thinking: