Roon ARC on Tesla

Hello Roon,

Thank you for great release today! I wish for the future that Roon ARC could come to Tesla OS (hopefully model 3 and model y)

This would be a major for good SD in car. It would be possible to download the tracks to the app in car.

Tidal, Spotify and TuneIn has apps, why not Roon ARC:)

Version 1.0 was only released today. That’s coming in version 8.4.

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That would be amazing :heart_eyes: +1

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Literally logged on tonight to make the same feature request :slight_smile: Would be amazing!


That would be great.

Works OK via the Bluetooth “app”, streaming from my phone, but a Roon ARC app for Tesla OS would be nicer yet.


That would be amazing! I love Roon and this can make be use Roon Even more!strong text

Would be great, I also like the fact that you can use Roon both at home and at the same time outside. The tidal app stops streaming if both using tidal outside and in Roon at home

Thumbs up for Roon ARC. We definitely need Tesla to support it as a native app. How about all of us submitting a formal request to Tesla? Anyone knows how we need proceed for that?


Not sure How it works, But i think its better if RoonLabs Does this themself

Make sure everyone votes for this feature in the first post…:v:

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Here is a picture of the Spotify app, similar to the Tidal app. Only the Tidal app can download music in high-res format.

Roon ARC would be more sexy.

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