Roon ARC on Windows?

Is there a Roon ARC for Windows?
It works great from Android but I would like to use it in the office from my Windows PC.


Not yet. I’m hoping for that also.

Or on a mac or linux…

Yes, I don’t want to manage another core at office

There is not. We may consider this in the future, but the app would need considerable design work to make sense on a comptuer.

Well, I guess I will continue to use Roon Windows client from the office via ZeroTier.

OK. For me then I will be getting a lighting to USB audio connector to attach my phone to my office DAC. Still a huge benefit for me and will likely solve the constant checking to see if my spouse is using Roon at home before I unauthorize the roon core at home and authorize a core on my computer. Thanks!

Does this work?

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Just in the US right now and in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom at the end of 2022.
And no Google Play Store. You need to download the apps from the Amazon Appstore.

Roon ARC is not available in the Amazon Appstore.

That’s too bad, as it would be fantastic to get ARC on something in addition to a cellphone. I imagine there a large amount of Windows laptops out there that would benefit from this feature.

I was hoping for a solution for exactly the same use case. I hope they figure out a solution without VPN in the future.

Very much in agreement!

Without the ability to use ARC on a laptop it is mostly a gimmick as far as I am concerned. Why would i Bother with ARC? It is easier to just use Tidal. Especially since DSP is not aviable in ARC.

Roon ARC on Android and iOS is a GREAT product!
I have music from CDs ripped from my collection, from files bought from Bandcamp and other shops. And I have a Qobuz subscription.
All this music is available on Roon.
Before ARC I had to have three apps on my phone: Qobuz, Bandcamp, and a player for local files ripped from CDs that I had to copy on my phone.
Now I have just ARC. And I have all my music, all the infos, all my Roon playlists, etc. Everywhere!
This is really great!
I am reaaly happy to have a Roon lifetime suscription.
Now, a PC (Windows, MacOS, Linux) app or webapp would be great!
Keep up the good work guys!

2.0 does not support Windows 7, so I dare not upgrade. If you are using a QNAP NAS, this is achievable. In version 1.8, I can use my mobile phone or Windows 7 to remotely use the roon, no matter where I am.

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