Roon ARC Playlists

Is Roon ARC supposed to sync my playlists from Roon Core?

I have it configured to connect to the core on port 55000 and I can see my recently played and recently added but it is not syncing any of my playlists.

The ARC help page says that it is supposed to sync playlists and playlist changes.

I uninstalled ARC, and tried again. Roon Core logs says this:

09/23 00:18:09 Trace: [library/mobilesync] syncing profiles…
09/23 00:18:09 Trace: [library/mobilesync] 3 added, 0 updated, 0 removed
09/23 00:18:09 Trace: [library/mobilesync] syncing markers+metadata…
09/23 00:18:09 Trace: [library/mobilesync] 16377 added, 0 removed
09/23 00:18:09 Trace: [library/mobilesync] syncing album ratings…
09/23 00:18:09 Trace: [library/mobilesync] syncing playlists…
09/23 00:18:09 Trace: [library/mobilesync] 21 added, 0 updated, 0 removed
09/23 00:18:09 Trace: [library/mobilesync] syncing tags…
09/23 00:18:09 Trace: [library/mobilesync] 0 added, 0 updated, 0 removed
09/23 00:18:09 Trace: [library/mobilesync] syncing recents…
09/23 00:18:10 Trace: [library/mobilesync] 500 added
09/23 00:18:10 Trace: [library/mobilesync] 0 removed
09/23 00:18:10 Trace: [library/mobilesync] syncing locations…
09/23 00:18:10 Trace: [library/mobilesync] 7 added, 0 updated, 0 removed

But when I go to My Library and select Playlists, there is nothing.

IOS, Linux (Ubuntu 22.04) core

No-one else has this issue?

I do. Playlist don’t show up at all.
(Samsung Galaxy S20, Android 12)

Works here, hmmm
Must tap the library icon bottom right to find them, though…

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If I tap my library icon, it shows nothing. What I have found is that if I create a new playlist on the Roon app, that new one shows up under playlists. But the ones that were created before ARC was available simply does not sync at all.

All works as it should here created new playlist I could see it along with all my others in ARC. The populating can take a while though if phone has not previously cached them or from a cold start on the phone.

Thanks for the reply. Its been a few days now and still nothing. Just the one that I created this morning on Roon to see if it syncs new ones. The old ones are nowhere to be found.

Very Strange.Do you have shared playlists ticked? Without it you only get Roon created playlists.With it ticked you get synced ones from Tidal and Qobuz and Roon created ones.

I tried all the ticks, with it on, and with it off. Also tried all the profiles (my own and my wife’s profile) in case it was under the wrong profile. My wife did not have any settings on her profile, so I deleted hers as well in case it has something to do with multiple profiles. No go. I uninstalled and cleared the data on my phone, also tried connecting a new phone that never had Roon on it. Everytime it connects for the first time, the server logs that it sent 21 playlists to the client, but the client does not receive them. I suppose from there on the server only sends the changes, thinking that the client already has the original lists.

Raise a support ticket in the support area. This is not a common occurrence so something unique in your setup stopping the sync. Best get support to check it out. @moderators can you break this out for support?

My issue is that I can’t see any of my local playlists on ARC, can aynone help?

Have you tried connecting ARC to the Core while on WiFi at home and see if it syncs up. I just created a new playlist and it appeared in ARC in less than a minute (on the home Wifi).

If the problem persists, you might want to open a thread under Support and fill out the required information.

Dont bother, they didnt help me in 7 months.

My side it was something to do with the local repository. I deleted the local hard drive repository and it synced up from there. Probably missing files or weird records in db from trying to add itunes libraries or something like that. I only had like 5 local albums so it wasnt an issue for me.

But it has something to do with local repository if that helps someone.

Yes. it didn’t, so I had the idea of deleting Arc on my phone and re-installing the App.

BINGO now I can see my local playlists.

Thanks for the bump that’s got this sorted.

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