Roon Arc - still not working

oh crap, I think it worked! I had to manually forward the ORBI (even though there was drop-down on it, I had no idea what the port range was). I used the ORBI IP address, and the PORT listed on roon page. it worked! thank you so much for all the tips and fast responses!

No big deal. Glad it works for you.

oh man, now the app says something went wrong while syncing to core for first time - lol. OK, going to bed, will check things out fresh tomorrow. have a good one!

Hi @Karl_Mayhew,

We’re relieved to hear that the manual rule in the Orbi web admin page has allowed for port forwarding. Thank you @Bernd_Kurte for your efforts and assistance here.

Glancing at ARC diagnostics, it does appear that the phone has synced successfully with the Core since you posted yesterday. Can you confirm this is correct? There was a recent server-side issue affecting requests in ARC, and it’s possible your account was briefly affected. If you’re still encountering sync or connectivity issues, let us know, and we’ll provide support in this thread.

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