Roon Arc - Streaming and Download Quality

Does anyone know what format/quality the Roon Arc app uses when streaming or downloading? The only option I can find within the app is Settings>Playback>Automatically Pick Best Quality with a toggle switch for on/off - which is vague at best.

I can’t see any options to specify download quality.

I’m having endless issues getting a connection when out and about, even with a solid connection, so am going to try downloading my entire library to my phone to negate this.

Any info greatly appreciated!

Choose “Original Quality.” You might want “CD Quality” for cellular.

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Where is that option? I’m using the iOS app…

These are my only options in relation to quality…

You need to turn off “Automatically pick best quality.” I also turn off volume leveling.


Good Lord, I hadn’t tried that - thanks Jim!

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I’ve done all that and my tracks are thundering down nicely. Ive also noticed that having your library stored locally on your phone means everything is SUPER snappy using Roon Arc - perfect!

Thanks all!

Nobody seems to have mentioned that there is no choice for download quality yet. The options and the above table only relate to streaming. Download is the original files


Would you want it to be anything else?

Many do yes as storage on phones is limited and not everyone has a great data plan or consistent bandwidth to stream.

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You’re right. Some would want smaller files on their phones.

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Yes - because how I listen to music at home is vastly different to how I listen to music while I am on the move. Listening to downloaded files on a noisy plane or car means that there is no way I could possibly detect the differences - even using top level noise cancelling headphones or in-car speakers. Of course, I happily revert to streaming hi res when this is possible at my travel destinations but using high quality headphones.

I was responding to a post about downloaded files, not streaming, so why degrade those to lower resolution? However, someone reminded me about storage space on a phone.

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In particular because original file also means 24/192 for instance

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