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Description of Issue

I use Roon with Control4 and it has always been terrific. With the Roon Arc update, I no longer have the option to search Tidal or Qobuz within Control4. The search option in the Tidal and Qobuz menu has simply disappeared. This is a really important feature as it allows me to search for and play audio off the Control4 wall panels. Multiple users have reported this on Control4 forums, so I know it is not specific to my system. Is it possible to fix this?

Here’s an image of the Tidal menu in Control4 so that you can see – the search function is gone. Same thing in Qobuz…

Hi @Eric_Wolkoff,

Thank you for your patience in awaiting a response. I have assigned your case to a subject matter expert. He’s going to get a similar setup going and try to duplicate. Once done he’ll be in touch.


Thanks Wes! Would be awesome to get this resolved…

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Hi @Eric_Wolkoff ,

Thanks for the report here and apologies for the delayed response. We have been able to reproduce the behavior you’re describing on our end, but it seems to impact multiple locations, Control4/Crestron, and the regular Roon API extensions.

I am checking with the team to see what has changed in this area recently. Do you by any chance have any pictures or videos from when the TIDAL/Qobuz search was working on your end and how that menu looked previously? Or do you recall where the search button was (position in the list)?

Thanks for your help!

Here’s how it looked previously (that’s a picture of my panel):

With a “Search Tidal” function at the top of the list. That is now gone, but everything below it is the same.

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Thanks for that screenshot @Eric_Wolkoff ! I’ve forwarded this to the team, hopefully, we can get to the bottom of what happened with that search function.

Hello @Eric_Wolkoff ,

Happy New Year! I spoke to the team regarding this behavior, and they have mentioned that all search functionality has been moved to Library → Search, and search there should include both TIDAL and Qobuz content (if enabled).

This was not a Control4-only change, but rather a Roon API change and this affected the behavior of Control4, Crestron, and any other extension that used the Roon API, and was done to modernize the Roon search infrastructure.

Using the Library → Search will be the best way to search for tracks moving forward. Hope this helps!

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