Roon ARC via VPN possible?

My home network sits behind a VPN - no ports open and I am reluctant to open one for Roon ARC as much as I like to idea. Is there a way to have Roon communicate via VPN to my core at home…?


Post this in Tinkering, I think.

This may be of help; _

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Yes I can confirm that as well - i’m using Wireguard to access the home network and i can easily connect via Roon ARC to the Roon Core after establishing the tunnel …

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Hi Martin,
Can you please explain how you did that? i.e. using ARC and NOT opening any ports? This is what I am looking for.
BTW, I just tried via the classic Roon app, it finds core ok, but it does not list my phone as device…

This is not a setup that we have tried or are actively supporting, but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work so long as ARC and your core are behind the same public IP. In this case, it would work just like when you are at home using ARC on the same LAN.

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ARC works for me with Tailscale :grinning:

I use Tmobile Home Internet which uses CGNAT so I cannot open ports conventionally. I run a VPN to punch through ports but I’d need to specify the actual_external_ip. Is that possible?

YES @brian you are correct. It DOES work… So my security concerns are gone! No need to open any port, just use ARC behind a VPN - way to go guys!!!


Hi SoT,
Well you have to have a dedicated port for the WireGuard but that’s it.
I didn’t do any further configuration and that worked for me out of the box.

What’s your configuration? I tried that but couldn’t access the core.

Please give full setup details

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