Roon ARC - what am I missing?

Hi all
I have a Roon 2.0 core running on my QNAP NAS. The ARC app works perfectly when I am at home but I can’t see the core when I am out and about. Do I have to do something to my firewall/router to let the traffic in and out?


You need to set up the necessary port forwarding in your router. Roon ARC needs this to be able to connect to your Core from outside of your home network.

Using a Roon Remote, go to Settings > Roon ARC and see if the Core can automatically do the setup. If not, read this article:

Thanks Geoff for the quick reply. I have added port forwarding manually to my router. I’ll post here my results when I am next away.

You can test it from your phone while at home…just turn off WiFi.

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